How to Study For Exams: The Best 3 Ways be Ready for Your Next Exam

If you are a student you probably know the feeling before any important exam.

The stress, anxiety, and excitement raise in your stomach…

The confusion of how should I study comes to your head.

should I read it all and summarize? or either practice, practice, and practice till death?

Know how to study for exams is an essential skill- Especially in today’s world. when you can’t pass a year without few or more exams.

So, what is the best way to study for exams? and how you can exploit the learning and even enjoy it too.

In this article, I will cover these questions.

How to Not Procrastinate and Get The Most Out of The Learning

Not all the exams we love the material and the purpose we study for.

Or more correctly- most of the exams we don’t love the material.

perhaps we love the subject of the entire course or class.

But what you can do about it? you must study for this dumb exam. it necessary for your career.

Maths exam or your final exam for your economic degree- It doesn’t matter you have to succeed.

How you can study and succeed in your next exam and even have a bit of fun on the way?

I struggle with this question during my years as a student and found out 3 useful ways to get high scores and enjoy learning.

1. Relex- You Can Do It

Few point up or down will not change your whole life.

Take a second and think. what is the worst-case scenario? what is the lowest score you can get? and what can happen if you get one?

Nothing at all. in the worst case, you will fail but you always can sit for another exam date.

Why should you feel stress and anxiety if this attitude only gets you down?

Be calm and confident in yourself. simple and powerful attitude.

Yes, easy to say hard to implement, I know.

Just keep it in mind, it takes practice.

When you came with this attitude you will get higher scores.

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t — you’re right. (Henry Ford)

A wonderful quote that summarizes all.

Believe in yourself, in your skills, and knowledge, Be calm, confident, you will succeed. No games here.

Just change to this simple attitude sees the results.

Believe in yourself- You Can Do It.

2. Develop Habits

What am I mean by that?

Don’t wait until the last minute and study all night before the exam.

Yes, we all experience this nightmare learning few times in our life but it’s the worst study method.

Not only you wouldn’t sleep well the night before- you also will not remember anything the second you finish the exam.

So why you studied in the first place? to pass the final exam or know the material for the rest of your life?

Yes, in today’s world we taught by society to learn for exams, we become scores machines instead of learning to be creative humans.

But you don’t have to follow the normal social rules.

Instead, Take this study as an opportunity.

Opportunity to learn how to develop habits, how to overcome the struggles in the way. And examine different methods and styles to see which one best suits you.

Give it a try.

Develop a habit of learning 30 minutes to 1 hour each day. that all.

It’s a compound effect. you learn a bit each day and without notice, you will be ready for the exam.

Moreover, By developing the habit of compound effect you assure that the material you study will stick with you in the long term.

So if you have another exam in the same material a few months away it will be easier for you to study for.

Try it. if you know how to develop learning habits, you will also know how to develop any wanting habit in the future.

3. Use The 80\20 Rule

The 80\20 rule states that for many outcomes, roughly 80% of consequences come from 20% of the causes. (Wikipedia)

How you can apply this rule to study for your exam?

Did it happen to you that few days before the test you suddenly can’t do anything and get a blackout?

It hepping me all the time. when I study for my math exam and can’t figure out this dumb exercise. or can't remember anything about history.

And at this time come to play the 80\ 20 rule.

instead of being upset and try as hard as I can to figure out this dumb math exercise, I do something different.

I just keep going. ye continue to the next exercise.


Because I want to use all my efforts on the 20 % percent that matters.

Most of the time I made a mess with the algebra or didn’t remember unimportant detail.

So instead of being upset and look for this mistake until my mind will blow up.

I said- okay I made a mistake because I wasn’t fully attentive In the exam.

Next time I will be more focused, right now just keep going.

Another aspect of this rule that you can apply is to understand and prioritize what are the most important subjects and focus on them.

Last Words

My biggest advice for you is don’t forgot to enjoy the process.

develop your own learning style, remember that is “only an exam”, focus on the important things and I wish you good luck in your next exam.

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